Monday, July 25, 2016

pretty little bar carts

A bar cart does not have to exclusively serve alcoholic beverages. They can be a pretty focal point in your home whether you’re entertaining or not. A few pretty bottles, fresh flowers and a personalized touch or two can elevate any bar cart to super star status!
 This way, you will always be ready if friends drop by!
A beautiful box can provide extra storage.
Perfect indoors, or out.
Bar carts always look so pretty near a window...
be creative with your set up...
The one below is one I set up a few years ago for a small pool party in my back yard.  I like to serve soft drinks in fun "cocktail" glasses for fun!  It's so much more elegant!

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ciao! fabiana


  1. Fabiana,
    I so agree about bar carts. I really like that you've shown they do not have to be traditional "bar" carts. I set one up for my son at his new house, using a vintage kitchen cart. Bar carts have so many uses and can be set up to fit any occasion, whether with soft drinks, or as a traditional liquor cart, etc. They are so versatile and fun!
    PS. I was in CA (Yorba Linda) at my sisters last Dec. and of course, had to visit Newport, my old stomping grounds and one of my favorite places for the day, it was beautiful as always! Never miss a visit when I'm out there!

    1. Rebecca, I would love to see a photo of your son's bar cart. I love vintage bar carts. Hope you visit again soon!


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