Sunday, March 6, 2016

what will you miss about downton abbey?

The absolute last episode of Downton Abbey airs tonight.
If you have never seen the series, 
I highly recommend you start with a season one
on dvd right away.  You won't be sorry!
Here are 
The five things I will miss most about Downton Abbey:
1.    Matthew and Mary’s relationship.  I loved all the twists and turns, but mostly I still miss Matthew.  He was one of my favorite characters.   Their chemistry was fantastic!
2.    The fashion!  The costume designers went to great lengths to recreate the glorious fashions of that era with accuracy and great individual style. The series starts in 1912 with the sinking of the Titanic and ends in the mid to late 1920's. What a change in fashion during that time, from sweet Edwardian style to sexy flapper style!
3.    The relationship between Mrs. Patmore and Daisy. Too many cooks in the kitchen?  Not this one. They both were such real characters and so cute and funny with each other.  The flow of the dialogue and their cooking was flawless. I loved that the kitchen was the hub of the action with the servants downstairs. 
4.    Lady Mary and Anna her lady maid.  Mary and Anna had a great trust between each other and I think it was a great representation of how the upstairs class can get along with the downstairs class.  They confided with each other in matters that no one else knew about.  BTW, I have always wondered why Lady Edith didn’t have a lady maid.  Did she share Anna, did she have one they never showed or does she just not have one because she’s not the eldest in the family?  
5.    The great Dowager Countess Violet!  I think I will miss Maggie Smith’s little smirks and comments the most.  She was the much needed comic relief in the show.  And so believable too!  I enjoyed seeing her friendship with Isobel Crawley evolve as well.  Here are some of the Dowager's best lines. 

Things I won’t miss…
1.   I was never really a fan of the Anna and Bates drama.  In jail, out of jail, in jail… I am happy things have settled down for them now.
2.   Remember O’brien? She was Lady Cora’s lady maid the first few seasons.  She was hard to like, although the scheming between she and Thomas was quite entertaining.  At least Thomas has some redeemable qualities, like his relationship with little Master George.  So sweet!  You know that Thomas will eventually stay on and become head butler for little George when he takes over Downton Abbey. That’s the direction the relationship is headed, I think.
3.   Lavinia. She was so sweet and pretty, but I did not want her to get between Matthew and Mary.  Sad for her demise.
4.   Edith’s bad luck. From being jilted at the altar to having an illegitimate child, I am happy things are ending on a good note for her!
5.  All the grandchildren only have one parent, having the other parent die in a terrible tragedy, but at least the little cousins all have each other. 
So, so sad to see this series end!
What will you miss most?

ciao! fabiana


  1. Exactly like you! I like what you like and didn't quite liked what you don't too. But yes, I will miss the series, I think it finished airing to soon, I would have liked to see some romances end well and of course, I will mostly miss Countess Violet and her smirks and comments as well... they always entertained me so!
    Thanks for letting us know it airs tonight.

  2. What a great series and I loved it! With all the other junk they have on TV you would think the TV Stations would get the message.
    I liked and disliked all the things that you mentioned. I did manage to tape all of the last series.
    Enjoy the show tonight.

  3. Everything! One of my ALL time favorite shows so I am very sad to see it end! But like you, I have my favorites! Love the clothing (of course!), and Anna and Mary's relationship, and I love Tom's character, and absolutely love everyone downstairs! (They are sometimes more interesting than the upstairs, I think!)