Saturday, January 23, 2016

unique outdoor lighting

When designing a functional outdoor space for 
evening  entertaining, lighting is a key component.  
Lighting not only is functional, but can set the 
perfect mood for your alfresco gatherings.  
If you don’t have the right electrical connections, 
getting creative is the solution.   
Make or purchase a large grapevine or twig wreath 
and wrap outdoor string lights to it.  Use wire to 
hang from an overhanging tree branch or pergola.  
This way you can plug it into an outlet that is nearby.
  This creates a whimsical chandelier for your table!  
A secluded area of your patio is the perfect spot for a
 candle-lit lighting fixture.  You could even use battery powered 
candles for this option. Scatter a few votive candles 
on the table to add more ambiance.
Lanterns hung with pretty decorative iron 
brackets are a great idea for a wall 
adjacent to your table or seating area.
Moroccan glass lanterns come in the most gorgeous jewel tones 
and can really add romance and character to any style of décor.  

ciao! fabiana

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  1. I love all these patios - so inspiring! (Especially for me since I'm hoping to re-do my backyard this year!) I will be pinning some of these for sure:)


  2. I love the lanterns on the wall--thanks for sharing such lovely inspiration...makes me dream of our future backyard :)