Wednesday, November 25, 2015

thoughtful holiday gifts

from the East India Company

Looky what arrived for me in the mail yesterday!  A beautifully wrapped box from the East India Company sent to me by a dear friend as a thank you.  She knows me well, because inside this lovely red box I found a few of my favorite things. 
I got to treat myself to an elegant cup of Staunton Earl Grey tea, which was perfectly paired with the Caramel & Sea Salt Biscuits.  The Dark Chocolate Enrobed Strawberries were an extra delight.  What a quintessentially British experience!
I have never before tasted Earl Grey tea quite like this.  The flavors are extra refined and aromatic.  The Caramel & Sea Salt Biscuits are oh, so decadent and so crisp and yummy with the tea.  They would also be perfect with coffee, cocoa and milk.  And the Dark Chocolate Strawberries are to-die-for.  The chocolate is extra rich and luscious! What a treat!  I went straight to their website, and I discovered that the East India Company has a whole line of delicacies that I am going to share with my friends and family this Christmas.

A little bit on the “The Story of Tea” from the East India Company.  This is so interesting that I had to share it with all of you... When tea was newly discovered, it was believed that “Tea is water bewitched”.  New traditions were established when The East India Company introduced exotic delights to England – arguably the most famous of these being tea.  Brought by The Company as a gift for King Charles II during the 17th century, these leaves were passed on to his wife, Queen Catherine of Braganza, who had grown up with tea in her native Portugal. She then slowly introduced this curious drink into aristocratic and noble societies, beginning a tradition that would last for centuries.  Initially tea leaves arrived in small quantities and were so expensive, that only the upper class could afford them.  In fact, tea was once considered so valuable that it was kept locked in caddies.

Flowering Tea is a new discovery for me. I am going to try some myself and give some as lovely gifts to friends. A symphony for the senses!  These delicate, flowering teas gently bloom in hot water to unfold an exquisite bouquet of colors, fragrances and flavors. These clear glass tea pots make the tea look magical!  


For centuries, The East India Company transformed tastes and social customs. Ships and explorers returned from distant lands carrying exotic and vibrant flavors, changing our palates forever. Chocolates, spices, and tea --‐ once new and extraordinary luxuries --‐ soon became an indispensable part of our lives.  
To make shopping more fun, I found out that the East India Company's products can be found exclusively at Neiman-Marcus stores in California (including Newport Beach, Palo Alto and San Francisco) and several other states.  The East India Company’s delicacies can also be purchased online, for the greatest of ease!

ciao! fabiana

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