Friday, May 8, 2015

thinking about summer entertaining ...

 Sparkly, twinkle lights are always so pretty and useful!
Don’t forget to create a few separate intimate spots in your yard.  
 Guests will love their individual utensil cups.
These are so easy to put together ahead of time,
and they look so cute.
 Pretty accessories are key.
Group together similar themes items
or accessories in the same color family.
 Preparing ahead of time frees you up,
and allows you to relax during your party.
These sandwiches are made in advance and
wrapped in parchment and baker’s twine.
 Flowers or pretty plants create a homey atmosphere.
Succulents are long lasting and easy to care for.

I am so inspired and ready to entertain!
You’ll never guess where all these great ideas came from!
Click here for info.

ciao! Fabiana

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  1. I'm already thinking about 4th of July! Love the images...