Wednesday, April 8, 2015

oh, peacock chair !

Seeing this chair took my breath away.
It reminds me of a modern peacock day chair,
But I would describe it more as a cocoon chair.
It looks like the perfect spot for hiding away,
cuddling up
for a quick nap or with a good book. 
Don’t you love how d├ęcor can create moods in you?
A few years ago,
I was visiting my favorite local thrift store
and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw two
lovely and huge peacock chairs in the far end of the shop.
I quickly assessed the situation in my head.
Where can I put these????
I have my four boys in the house, plus my hubby
so space was limited in bedrooms and living areas.
I passed them up.
Well, I am still thinking about those chairs today!
They were a steal, but I consoled myself thinking 
well someone will make a good home for them
Never again will I pass up a peacock chair!
My ode to my future peacock chair, 
tongue in cheek, of course......
Peacock chair. 
My love for you never dies. 
Someday I will find you and create a special space for you.
You will be the focal point of the room. 
And I will be quite comfortable there, 
cuddled up with a cup of tea and my cat. 
So great for a portrait too!
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ciao! Fabiana

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  1. Fabiana,
    I couldnt agree more! I don't know if I'm cool enough for one, but I still would like to try!