Tuesday, April 14, 2015

fun new vintage items for my table

Last week was a good week for finding a few little treasures.  I found a set of nice cowrie shell napkin rings on ebay (there are lots on ebay!)  I love how they remind me of leopard print!  These will come in handy for future table settings.  I also found a set of silver plated fork and knife napkin rings.  They were kind of cute, and a great price, so I couldn’t pass them up!  {Yellow napkins were found at World Market and the dog napkins were from Crate & Barrel}.
Cowrie shells have such pretty patterns. 
Did you know that cowrie shells are used as money 
in certain parts of Asia and Africa?  
Well they were a bargain here in the U.S.! 
I also found a vintage set of bamboo cutlery on Ebay.
These will be so much fun for summer entertaining!
{striped tea towel found at World Market}
I hadn’t been to my favorite neighborhood thrift store in a while, so I was happy that I picked the first Thursday of the month to visit.  The whole store was 50 percent off!  I found a couple of black and white plates to add to my collection.  I am thinking of creating an outdoor, black and white plate collage.  The plate on top is a famous Russian monument, I found out via google.
This lovely Asian brass bell was only a couple of dollars,
and it polished up beautifully!  Where do you think it's from?
And interestingly enough, I spotted this heavy brass tray with the intricate Middle Eastern design and writing on it and scooped it up right away!   Grab now and ask questions later, is my motto!   {Especially when the tray is only $4.}  After a little research on the internet, I learned that the “IIAF” stands for the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces, and this tray is from the 1970’s when the Shah of Iran was in power.  I love how vintage items can tell a story and open up a world of history.  Below is the same insignia from another Persian piece I found as a reference.  Beautiful!

ciao! Fabiana

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  1. I love what you found! Little treasures of vintage always add a nice patina to a home. Last week I scored a hand knotted rug with just the perfect wear.
    The House of Hampton