Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kate Middleton visits Downton Abbey

Today looks like a fun day for all on the set of Downton Abbey
when the Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton came to visit.
Mrs. Patmore and Daisy presented the duchess with a cake.

Kate toured all the behind the scenes departments as well,
 like the wardrobe department, where they ran into Mr. Carson.
Oh, I just love the the costumes!  This one on Mary is stunning!
Downton’s Little George is so cute!

The guy we all love to hate, Thomas with Kate.  He can't be all that bad!

ciao! Fabiana


  1. Looks like such fun to go on the set of Downton Abby. I saw some of the film clip on Good Morning America this morning. Kate is always so pretty and elegantly dressed.